GAO Rehab & Wellness is Richmond Hill’s #1 Preferred Rehabilitation Clinic serving the GTA since 2012. Patients receive quality treatments including hands-on chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, deep tissue work, acupuncture and resistance exercises.  Licensed massage therapists are on-site. Accepting car accident and private insurance.

New patients are welcome.


Dr. Gao’s practice focuses on decreasing pain and restoring normal physical function, we use a combination of treatments to focus on different aspect of your ailment:

Chiropractic Adjustment - More importantly, SPECIFIC chiropractic correction. Specificity of spinal correction is the science and art of chiropractic. Personally, I don’t consider randomly cracking bones in the spine is anything close to chiropractic.  Knowing which joint to correct, in which direction to correct, and the depth of the correction will make all the difference in the outcome of your treatment. Chiropractic adjustment is precise, gentle and effective to improve joint motion, and reduce nerve pressure.

Strengthening Exercise – to restore fatigued muscle or muscle imbalance.  Eg. Core strengthening Exercise with Swiss ball, dumbbells, restorative exercise for post-operative shoulder, knee, and ankle rehabilitation.

Hands-On Treatment (which may include tissue or joint mobilization) – Soft tissue therapy to break down deep scarring in the joints/ muscle to increase movement and elasticity of the joint and soft tissue, so to increase the strength of the muscle and reduce painful pressure points. Proper joint alignment is important to maintain the well being of each joint. Adjusting the joint to proper alignment allows reduced pressure inside each joint, and more aligned joint surface to minimize the amount of wear and tear. Properly aligned joints allow for adequate motion, which causes pumping action to remove joint waste faster, increase water re-absorption for optimum lubrication, and reduce strain from the surrounding stabilizing muscles and tendons as well as slowing down joint degeneration. More importantly, a properly aligned spine will reduce irritation to the encased spinal nerves, which will reduce interference to the spinal nervous system. It's quite amazing what a “click” in the spine can achieve.

Posture/body mechanics training – proper mechanic in the joints/spine ensures longevity of the hardware in the body, reduces excessive wear and tear in the body. Eg. Gait analysis, sitting posture, standing posture, walking, custom orthotics fitting.

Modalities (such as electric stimulation, heat, ice, decompression/traction, ultrasound) – Increase local circulation and newer blood vessel formation to accelerate recover.

Balance Training, stretching and/or strengthening. Sometimes we are too lazy to do the stretches ourselves, or some of the true muscle relaxation is hard to achieve while we actively do them ourselves. Assisted stretching is applied to these muscle groups to increase flexibility as well as strength. Eg. Postural Pump traction, assisted stretching.

Acupuncture – Dr. Gao is also licensed in medical acupuncture to compliment his rehab practice. Acupuncture needle has been proven effective in treating different musculo-skeletal conditions.

Massage Therapy We work with the best massage therapists, Chris and Jackie work closely with Dr. Gao to address different painful conditions. Very technical yet relaxing. Come to experience the work by our massage experts.

Lifestyle Changes – educate patient on proper posture, tips on exercise, nutrition, etc